GEN II AK-47 Magwell Kit


Our GEN II AK-47 Magwell kits include the following (letters correspond with above photo):

A:  ICT GEN II Magwell
B:  M6-1.0 Metric hex nut
C:  M6x18 allen head screw
D:  Small front spring
E:  ICT front tab
F:  SS grooved clevis pin with E.R. 3/16″ x 1.5″ (quantity 2)
G:  Slave pin
H:  ICT magazine release tab
I:  Large rear spring

Introducing the ICT 2nd generation AK magwell! Compatible with AK-47 (both milled and stamped receivers) and AK-74 pattern rifles and magazines!  The enhanced magazine release has extended latches and also assists with the dropping of magazines. Can be used in the standard AK fashion, or by using your index finger to push the magazine release lever extension located under the trigger guard.

This kit allows for 2 installation options: single tab & dual tab.

Single Tab:  Simpler process, can be done by the end user; however, doesn’t allow for straight magazine insertion.

Dual Tab: Requires milling of receiver and modifying the side folding stock latch, will allow for straight magazine insertion.  Recommended to be done by a qualified gunsmith or one of our ICT technicians.

TO ORDER:  Call (920) 430-0727 Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time.



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